NEED to NEED:Minimalism for People of Color

When you hear minimalism you think of youtube videos with a couple of succulents, a 4 piece wardrobe of all black and and wealthy affluent white American who can AFFORD to have nothing.IMG_0725.PNG

See, people of color throughout history were not allowed or could not afford things they saw or things they desired. Now that “things” have become to even themselves out and we are able we subliminally buy to compensate for our previous inability. As we buy our lives and or minds become cluttered by no only or overcompensation from our previous lives but or need to constantly compete. Compete with others and while dragging our trophies into our purpose. IMG_0724.PNG

The idea of being a minimalist as a person of color is not the popular opinion. Being able to free yourself, not only the clutter and advertisements in your home but the clutter and influence these things have on your mind. the ability to “pack light” like my girl Erykah says is a freedom we often deprive ourselves of. Rid your space will rid your mind, and freedom is an important aspect of self-care. walk into your purpose with only what you need. to touch on something I mentioned briefly remove all the advertisements from you home if possible, take the labels off of thing and replace them with only what is needed. we are bombarded every second with advertisements that spark ideas and
curate restless minds.  we are influenced everywhere we go and part of making your space a sanctuary is ridding it of any unwanted influence. Not just of unwanted influence but unwanted clutter: if you don’t use it monthly, if it does speak to your happiness or if you don’t know why you originally acquired it, remove it. give away to natural light the vitamin D will do wonders for not only your mood but your mind.  Allow yourself freedom of movement to step into your possibilities bringing only the things you decide to celebrate life with.


For more information on minimalism and people of color check on @brownkids on Instagram or Alex Elle’s podcast “Hey, girl” and her episode on minimalism. 

minimalism is the ability or practice of traveling light so you could travel far

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  1. Jamal Myrick says:

    This is a concept that I keep thinking about doing. I “travel light” when I’m zooming in/out of airports. Now I just need to do it when I’m home.


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