“Vanilla Yogurt”: No Cap on Creativity Ep. 3

so it seems I’ve hit a sort of writers blog. Not on just any kind of writing but on the kind of writing I most enjoy.  being able to write freely in a about whatever moves through the pen is a privilege. being able to venture back is a well deserved escape and needless to say I’ve got some catching up to do.

You’re like mortar. Seeping through to add strength.

I only met you in this lifetime and visible are the cracks in my foundation.

Like pulp you remind me that the journey is real.

and raw.

and sweet.

The other day, as you cleaned your car I cleaned my mind. Everything that was not of you is no longer of me. You deserve mere parts that I have never seen.

Like Vanilla yogurt, real

and raw.

and sweet.

As the mortar dries it adds to the strength of whatever it surrounds. You bring me strength.

That first love force field. that forced feel.


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