No Cap on Creativity

the best way to get over some one is not to get up under someone new, in m experience. write not them, they their name. make it real, face what happened so when you move past it you’ll remember what it looked like and feel no need to go back .No more writers block. A blessing and a curse.

How do you mend a heat that had no business breaking in the first place?

Not knowing where to store the pain doesnt diminish the pain.

I feel hard into the one with no face, no ears to hear fears and no eyes to see tears. no mouth to boldy  wish away pain. No lips for my name.

so I force mmy heel to my toope and glode begrudgenly toward the unknown. Away from a path, so privlidged, I was to take.

Eyes glazed as if the cake bore my name.

When four letter words loose their power they take with them the need to inhale.


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