A letter to my Former Self

Dear Baby Sarah,


You’re so beautiful and you have no idea. For what you are going through right now is nothing and it will pass and you will laugh. Those who make fun of your clothes now will ask about your advice on them later. Those who tell you your not enough have no idea what you can truly do. The peer pressure you are facing now is relative and will past like your next inhale. keep your heart pure, nobody has your best interest like you do. make those friends they will love you when your family is far away. Take those leaps while they are available to you. when you get the opportunity to wash your clothes at a seniors house the first year of college don’t do it, its a trap! don’t respond  to Facebook compliments, they’re a trap too!

you have so much to do never let anyone distract you. its okay if you fail. these are lessons in preparation for something far bigger than you. you got this. Enjoy THIS.




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