My sister.

Dear Sissy,

IMG_0611.PNGOne of the biggest reasons I was made fun of in middle and high school was because I called you “sissy” and not Danielle. I found my self referring to you as “my sister said….” instead of sissy, which was more comfortable and natural to me. You’ve always been “sissy” to me and I don’t want that to change any time soon. you should know you’re special when I call you by a nickname because I DONT do nicknames for just anybody (probably because I wasnt given a name from which a nickname could be derived). Anyway seeing as we have the same birthday we always get asked “how do we like having the same birthday?” or “what is it like to share the same birthday?” Well to be honest, being a year younger than you I’ve never experienced my own birthday, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. When we were younger mommy always stressed to us how important it was for us to stick together and that we would be all we have in the end. So no matter how mad we were at each other nobody ever saw it and nobody could ever say anything about the other. You were my big sister first. I was the lucky one.

 I was your first birthday present and you have been the best gift to me every year since. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.50.54 PM.pngWe’ve always been total opposites and that that made us love each other so well. You’ve always been a spitfire that doesn’t take anything from anybody no matter what. To this day you’d fight the love of your life if they looked at me wrong. you love me so fiercely and I’m so much more than thankful for that. I remember calling you crying my sophomore year because I thought I was “too stupid” for college and you told me to never talk like that and here I am about to graduate for a second time and you till remind me of that conversation we had years ago. Your pride in me makes me get up everyday and do whatever it is that scares me.  For everything I have and I do I thank you.Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.51.00 PM.png

…and I love you.

Your Little Sister

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