Live from the Parking Garage: Relieving Stress

you will love people who will never love you back. and still you mustn’t ever misplace your magic.

-Alex Elle

Stress is everywhere.

I would consider myself an extremist who either loves or hates something, it’s never really an in-between. Because of my “Passion” I find myself getting stressed and overwhelmed very easily.

Especially now, how do you find a balance between being socially aware and mentally safe? with everything thats going on right now socially and politically its hard to remain ignorant but equally hard to remain unscathed. With the end of the semester creeping up like a freight train in the middle of the day, its vital that you ignore the procrastination bug and get started on what ever you plan to finish as early as possible. More important than getting started early is knowing when to stop. Now I don’t mean stop and give up, drop out and find your nearest topless bar, I mean when to stop and exhale (can you tell I watched waiting to Exhale last night?). School is meant to be as overwhelming as you let it become. One of the things were meant to learn is how to prioritize or responsibilities and  handle stress.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.53.23 AM.png

Me personally, my favorite way to destress is to grab my favorite AlexElle poetry book, a light libation, a lawn chair and my puppy and climb to the top floor of an empty parking garage. There I can stretch out alone and watch the sky, throw a ball to Berklee, or read a book while being literally above all the things that stressed me. My way of distressing may be a little extreme and aloof but its what I’ve found to work for me. No matter how small you must find an escape, your sanity in the simplest way possible keeps you sane. I heard a saying that you can’t pour into others with an empty cup. Take time to fill yourself then if you just so happen to overflow with #blackGIrlMagic sprinkle it over the ends and share to with those in low places. I haven’t been on the roof of a parking garage in a min but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid to grab my pup and my folding chair and head for the clouds. Do you boo boo.


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