Studio to Sanctuary: Making your space your own


Grab some popcorn, this may be a long one.

Naming myself a creative I like to decorate EVERYTHING. Just the other day I was spray painting empty wine bottles just to alleviate my need to create.

Say your moving out on your own, got a new job in Nashville and no cool  furniture or creative direction what do you do next? Aside from pay your current roommate to design your new place you tap into your creative juices like a beer keg and you make your space your own. Here are some tips and tricks to help get you started.

IMG_0531.PNGCreate separate spaces

What do you want to do in this room? Just sleep? Just watch television? Read? Make sure your space makes it comfortable to do whatever it is you are designing that space for. Maybe move the television out of your bedroom if you have a specialized space for watching television in the living room. Leave a space for a reading chair in the bedroom if you like to read before bed. If you’ve have a little white poodle, where would prefer him to sleep? make each space a place you want to come home to, no matter what that looks like to you.




Find a statement piece

Now that you know what you want to do in each space what do you need as far as furniture and decor to do those things? You likely already have a bed what else do you need in your room? Pictures of family?a soft rug to put your feet on when you get out of bed in the morning? A bedside table and lamp to make waking up early easier? Make a list of these items for each room and pick one piece to make your statement piece. That piece, a bench, a night stand, a television stand, should look like how you eventually want your room to look. I find the best affordable statement pieces at Target.

Compile design ideas

Once you find the piece that speaks to you start looking around for pictures of design ideas that could speak your pace and the statement piece you have found. you can find design ideas anywhere, I like to walk through Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn and look at color and texture combinations. from there is will look for duplicates at cheaper stores but high end stores are the boldest and follow the latest trends. you can also look on Instagram, Pinterest and Home and Living magazines for similar design ideas.

Crazy as it sounds I’ve even decorated a room around a blazer I saw at J. Jill. Anything is possible.

Take Plenty Pictures

When your a barbie on a budget like me you can always afford the pieces that speak to you the most. Take pictures of those pieces, those room designs and those prices and take some time to go to yard sales, consignment shops and side of the road shops. Every once in a while look at those pictures and remind yourself of you original design ideas. Once you’ve finally come up on a check look back at your list and make your purchases. You will be  more okay with your purchase because you spent time with it already, its like a second child to you.

DIY is your friendIMG_0530.PNG

Say you found the perfect piece in the wrong color or it has ugly handles or needs just a touch of sparkle. You can do all those things yourself! Buy your piece and visit the craft store.  Sprinkle a little glitter in your paint or change the knobs and handles out for the cool ones you found at home depot, string some lights around the frame or sand paper that table to make it match your rustic idea. Whatever it takes! None of these tasks take a rocket scientist or even a masters degree (in communication). Once you DIY’d your piece you can guarantee nobody will ever have the same piece as you and it will be able to start conversations for years to come.

Its okay for this to take time

Ive been living on my own since I was 18 and I still have lists in my iPhone notes and pieces I am looking for to make my spaces perfect use what you have for right now and keep working towards your vision. creating, even just in a small quest bathroom, gives you somewhere else for you mind to go when yours stressed about adulating. Maybe you work 50 hours a week and only have time once a month to dedicate to your space, thats okay too. You’ll be so proud of what you create when its done you won’t even think about how long it took, and in the process of finding your perfect space you may stumble across your perfect self too and theres nothing wrong with self-love.

Happy hunting. below is a list of places that I think will help you get started

Dollar Tree-girl don’t knock it until you try it

Target-my saving grace

Society 6-cheap and super customizable

Pottery Barn- where dreams are made of

Walmart-the craft section is

Wayfair-currently sitting on my living room set I got from Wayfair. Love it!

West-Elm- a girl can dream can’t she?





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  1. Rhonda says:

    My place need some pixie dust. I might just DIY starting with my bedroom. Hmmmm.


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