Hello I’m a Unicorn: Name Yourself Girl.

You’re probably over of me talking about Alexandra Elle but clearly she’s my person. Her IMG_0482.PNGnewest book Neon Soul was released recently and being the extremist that I am I HAD to have it. Because I live within a tumbleweed wrapped in a Bible Belt the book was not released in my city so I drove to my hometown to buy the book and on the way I listened the newest episode go her podcast “hey, girl” (I know I’m a fan girl). During the podcast she interviewed a woman who was a struggling entrepreneur and was battling with the ability to name herself and that screamed at me.  In a society where we are given names and not asked what are names are it is vital that we stand out, stand up and let not only our voices be heard but our names be known, as we want them to be. When people ask me who I am I struggle with the answer. It often comes out as “well I’d like to think people see me as a person who writes” or  “well I like to write currently, but someday I hope to become a writer.” I have always found ways around naming myself and living in my name for fear of living in my name and not living up to my name.

Being able to name yourself, and be who you are fully and unapologetically is no easy task for some. I say for some, because there are plenty people out there who feel that the minute they try something that is what they become.

a make up artist. a designer, a poet. a musician. a romantic. a monogamist.

The minute you accept and embrace who you are and what you’re good at the happier you’ll be. You’ve heard the saying “its the little things” well it really is, self affirmation is so important in the journey of self-love and you should know I’m all about self love like I’m all about adding the Turkey Chili to my ‘You Pick Two’ at Panera. Self love is often harvested from desperation and isolation. From a lack of love from everyone comes a new found love for yourself. From a hurting heart comes a new softer, washed heart emerging from the broken pieces. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and name yourself. Whether its a survivor, a lover, a dreamer or a fairy goddam princess. Name yourself and be all that your name is, live in your truth and in your name, and NEVER let anybody call anything but what you claim to be.

Well, I’m Sarah; and I’m a writer.

I got the book. It is as incredible as I had imagined. In case you felt left hanging.

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