Material Girl: 10 Things I Want Now

Ive hit a wall. A writer’s block wall so I cheasily searched for popular blogging topics to see what others talk about. One of the topics that stuck out to me what a list of things I currently want. So shoes, clothes, make up, are all naturally things I love. When I sat down to write the list I couldn’t think of anything I wanted bad enough to put into THE list. I’m not sure if I’ve  gone crazy or I’m to a point where I’m fulfilled enough that I don’t have any material needs that aren’t met. I hope its the latter because I still have things to accomplish only a semi-sane mind could complete.  So here is my list of “things” I want:

1, a more open mind

2, to wake up without an alarm

3,  to play wth my dog in a park we’ve never been to

4, to go on a hike and watch the sun rise and set

5, a larger vocabulary

6,  a day to slow down and read everything on my list

7, a more forgiving heart

8, to take a nap outside in the sun

9,a more understanding spirit

10, to be in a space surrounded by my friends without any immediate responsibilities

Now, just because I cannot immediately think of anything I want right now doesn’t mean my graduation isn’t roughly a month away and I won’t be accepting gifts. That just wouldn’t be me, right?

More than anything I want to be forever fulfilled.



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