Good Music is Good Music: My Favorite Four New Artists

I always have headphones in my ears whether I’m listening to something or I want everybody to think I am. Whether its podcasts, which we’ll talk about soon, or music I’m a junkie and I need my fix. So whats in my audible syringe? Other than the obvious (for me) Future, Taylor Swift and Beyonce I’ve developed some new habits that I can’t keep to myself. See for yourself:

  1. 6LACK [black] IMG_3745.JPG

In this new age full of young thugs and lil uzi verts, its almost impossible to find good music with substance these days. That’s why 6LACK has literally taken the industry by storm. The singer/rapper based out of Atlanta, Georgia debuted his single PRBLMS Summer 2016, and hasn’t looked back. His sound, described as new wave R&B, touches on tones similar to The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. 6LACK’s lyrics are tastefully provocative, and give just enough to get you in your feelings without all the extras. His sound can be described as refreshing, something that you can listen on the way to home from work, or a late night drive with your main thing. 6LACK’s future is bright as young music heads move away from the over saturated rap industry and focus more on the indie style music that you can vibe to.
Take a listen for yourself:  Learn Ya 

2.  Sampha


Anyone up for another British Invasion?
With artists such as Adele, Zayn, SKEPTRE, FKATwings American tastes for music are becoming more and more international.
Sampha, who’s been featured with artists such as Drake, Beyoncé, and Kanye West, is in a league of his own. Born and raised in East London, Sampha’s deeply rooted metaphors regarding his own personal life events make his music almost too relatable. Seriously. Between his soft and soothing vocals and his classical training on the piano, its hard not to obsess over him. Not only is Sampha musically talented, but he’s a lyrical genius. He’s been featured on albums such as The Life of Pablo, Endless, the visual album for Blonde, and Nothing was the Same.
Take a look for yourself, Sampha’s newly released first album Process 
No One Knows Me


     3.  KhalidIMG_3747.JPG

Okay, now if you’re wondering how a 19 year old could possibly know about love, relationships, and raw emotion the way Khalid does, then I  thinking the same thing.
This new artist has everyone’s mind blown when they discover that the voice behind the chillingly relatable lyrics isn’t even legal yet!
Khalid, who’s single Location debuted at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, can be considered a new age hipster.
A mix of electric guitar, deep base line, and soulful vocals makes Khalid’s sound very unique.
A variety of love songs, songs on life, and typical teenage angst populate his aptly titled first album American Teen.
Channel your inner teen and take a listen for yourself:

             4. NAO

IMG_3748.JPGAnother British artist taking the music, and my ears, by storm; singer songwriter NAO hails from East London. Her sound teeters on the edge of fantasy, with a twist of deep soulful vocals.
This girl can SANG!
First appearing in 2010 with savoury love ballads and upbeat funky dance mixes, she chose to begin her own label Little Tokyo and never looked back.
Nao herself coined the term wonky funky to describe her sound, and I don’t think there is a better description. A perfect mixture of synthesizers and background vocals sets your eardrums on fire with delight. NAO’s release of her debut album For All We Know in July 2016 has scored her nominations such as Best British Female Solo Artist as well as Best New Artist.
Decide for yourself:
Adore You

Give yourself some time. Roll the windows down and turn the music up!

One  Good Thing About Music , When it Hits,  You Feel No Pain.

-Bob Marley

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