Chapter 13

Im sure we’ve all head of the superstition surrounding floor 13 in tall buildings and hotels. So much so that elevators skip that floor and buildings don’t have a thirteenth floor.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.58.16 PM.png

Similar to floor thirteen we all probably have a proverbial chapter 13 in the book of our lives that we would much rather skip over during story time. Things were ashamed of talking about and think nobody is going through but us. I once hear a proverb, I don’t remember all of the words I’ll paraphrase.



A tribe of people stood in a circle and wrote all their problems down and threw them into the middle hoping to pick up somebody else problems that were “better than theirs”. After inspecting the other problems in the pile everyone opted to take their own problems back.

We all have problems we don’t want to talk about and issues we think we are dealing with all by ourselves. Sometimes I have to remind myself that not only could things in my life be a whole lot worse but whatever I’m facing is not the end of the world. Sharing the difficulties times in your life help others realize they’re not the only ones going through it and remind you that you are human like everybody else, its okay to talk and its okay to grow through what you go through.  You were put here to write your own book, and Chapter 13 is a part of that book no matter how gritty and unedited. No matter what the pages of your Chapter 13 look like the chapter has an ending and Chapter 14 is another chance to make your story worthwhile.

Don’t write off the hard times, like pulp in orange juice, they remind you the the journey is REAL. 

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