The Glow Up: Make Up Brands for Your #BlackGirlMagic

Now you know I live for a good cut crease and glittery inner corner, but whats the fun if we all have some? For all my dark chocolate Goddesses who love to make magic with a makeup wand but have trouble finding the perfect shade of slay; here are my top three Make Up brands for Women of Color.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.39.22 PM.png

Anastasia Beverly Hills $$$

ABH has always been hip to the chocolate. From their bronzy highlighters to their new #BlackGirlMagic friendly foundation sticks Anastasia Beverly Hills has had a sweet tooth for chocolate from the start. Need an eyeshadow quad but not all of the colors are bold enough to pair with your skin tone? The website gives you the option to build your own eyeshadow palettes to give you everything you need and leave behind all the colors you don’t.  Check out some of their Magic here!

Black Opal $$

Black Opal Beauty prides itself in being the “beauty destination for women of color”. Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.39.14 PM.pngOffering everything from foundation to men’s skincare Black Opal Cosmetics is the place to go to make your brown skin glow like it use to when your mom greased your face for school every morning. Different tabs on the website direct Black Girl Magicians to specific products for hyper pigmentation, acne, and even sun protection while never compromising The Glow Up. Check them out here!

Black Radiance $

Barbie on a budget? Never fear, Black Radiance is here for your pockets and your cheekbones. Always down for a pop of color?  Black radiance Brilliant Effects Lip Gloss  keeps you popping like Lil Mama without clashing with your inner glow. From everything to weekly newsletters to online free make up tutorials Black Radiance  will never leave your side or your make up bag. Head straight for their Diva Glam Beauty Box, you’ll thank me later, Pinky Promise. Check them out here!

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.38.52 PM.png

May your highlight light the way for your haters and your winged light pierce the hearts of the unbelievers!

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