Ode to Trusting the Process

As I’m sitting in the Sheraton in Old Town Alexandria, VA for the fifth day in a row away from my responsibilities I can’t help but chuckle about needing to take my own advice about Trusting the Process.

I always tell people that if I won a free trip to somewhere tropical but I had to leave within 24 hours I wouldn’t go. Im a planner and if I don’t have enough time to get everything in order and planned out during my absence than I would be too stressed to enjoy the trip.  Saturday morning I traveled to Washington D.C. with the undergraduate Communication Studies Club as an unofficial chaperone, I really just wanted to visit the museums. The trip was amazing, I got to laugh, eat good food, and spend time away from my desk and my responsibilities. I spent weeks preparing for the trip, making sure my students had something to keep them busy, my blog would remain up to date and I would be able to ignore my work and focus on the trip.


Long story short, none of that worked out.

Because of inclement weather we are being forced, against our will, to stay in Alexandria one more day and that sent my anxiety through the roof. What do I do with my class for an extra day? What do I tell my roommate who so graciously agreed to watch my fur baby? When will I get the chance to have some space to myself? My mind was everywhere and as I was attempting to tackle my building responsibilities I came here first and saw my “Trusting the Process” post and had to remind myself to chill.

After my attitude changed I was able to look into housing in this city I have fallen in love with and talk with some potential employers; both things I wouldn’t have done if we stayed on schedule in the first place.

So, I’ve created myself a comfortable space to get some things taken care of and over all work on practicing what I preach.

Reminder to self:

breathe. flow. be cool.

The Universe is Conspiring on your behalf to bring you your hearts desire.


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