Love in Any Language: 5 Emotional Love Languages

I hope everybody got everything they wanted for Valentines day. I won’t even get into the real reason behind Valentine’s day and St. Valentine. Any who, I’m always down for any excuse to show someone how much you love then. One of my very good friends and fellow bloggers Calyn posted about Love languages and I feel it would be most fitting to explain love languages. Knowing how you want to be loved by your partner and how your partner wants to be loved by you keeps you both a couple steps ahead of the game.

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Emotional Love Languages were first Characterized by Gary Chapman who says that there are five main ways through which people speak and understand emotional love. Emotional Love Languages help partners or loved ones discover the best way to show love to their partner per what they view as most valuable. Languages range from words and gifts or even actions!

Words of Affirmation

A person with the Words of Affirmation love language can be built up by words and feels love through the expression verbally. Verbal compliments or words of appreciation mean the most to the person. The deepest human need is to feel appreciated, says Psychologist William James. Words of affirmation meet that need on an audible level.

“You look really beautiful today”

“your positive energy is infectious”

Quality Time

Giving your partner you undecided attention can fulfill their love language of quality time. whether it be going to a fancy dinner and the ballet or turning off the tv and giving them your undivided attention over Lean Cuisine TV dinners, all they want is your time and attention. Time is precious and once its gone we can never get it back. if your partner’s primary love language is quality time, take the night off and give them all of you attention.

Receiving Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? For a person this primary love language is receiving gift will value the token of appreciation even more. whether its the physical item that they receive no matter what it is, or the thoughtfulness and effort put onto knowing what they would like. this language is all about having something physical that symbolizes being though about.

Acts of Service

“I want you to want to do the dishes.” Acts of service as your partners love language often times is the easiest to do and the most influential. Acts of service are doing things you think or you know your partner would want you to do, often times without having to be asked. Load the dishwasher, pick up dinner, empty the dryer, all of these things show your partner that they are valued and thought about when there not around.

Physical Touch

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.52.26 PM.pngAlso an easy gesture that goes a long way. Physical touch is a universal way of communicating love and for a partner that has this love language it is extra special. not always sexual in nature, physical touch can be anything from a pat on the back to holding hands in public. Physical touch can be done in an instant without much thought button the person who sees physical touch as their primary love language it goes so much farther.

Take the Emotional Love Language quiz here

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