What about my #BlackGirlMagic?

“I am Dripping Melanin and Honey; I am Black Without Apology”

Everywhere I turn, or click, I see the hashtag #BlackGIrlMagic being added to all things Girl Power. But as I sit here letting “Rain Drop, Drop Top..” float through my headphones in this coffee shop I can’t help but question my Black Girl Magic.
Maybe “question” is the wrong word,
In exactly 112 days I will float across the graduation stage once again with a Masters‘s of Science in Communication from famous Rocky Top, Tennessee.
But that’s where my proverbial #BlackGIrlMagic stops. Then what?
Who wants to see my proverbial magic tricks then? In a society where everybody is chasing after their dreams and leaving their hearts behind there’s me; Sarah Bass, 23 years old, lugging around a magic hat full of student loan debt, 2 degrees and a toy poodle who, I’m not positive even knows his name.
But as I click on the familiar #BlackGirlMagic hashtag I am reminded, not only of women out there like me, who are looking for the perfect place to showcase their magic tricks but also who are just out here hands full of their dreams and their hearts showing me that it’s okay to showcase my magic to myself in the mirror when I don’t have anyone to watch me.

So who knows where my #BlackGirlMagic will take me in the next few months but I plan to document every step in this magical journey. Follow me deep into my magic hat where we will talk everything from Beauty to Business. I hope everything that inspires my #BlackGirlMagic will light a fire at the tip of your magic wand.

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  1. I love this! You are such an inspiration and I cannot wait to see what amazing things you accomplish!


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